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We are offering a full package of landscape service from designing to looking after the gardens. There are many specialists of various area of activity (architects, designers, soil scientists, dendrologists, engineers, constructors, builders and other professionals) in our team.

We put part of the soul into a designing, an interesting ideas search, and landscape projects, therefore we achieve the heartfelt gardens. It is interesting comfortable cosy gardens.

We love and know how to create a garden, and the love is not less important than special knowledge in this delicate work. We are glad to know that our work gives a happiness and good mood to people. We enjoy to make this world just a little better.

It is known that people living among the nature are steadier, easy in theirs mind, they are more often smiling and have a long life. Please, smile and have a long and happy life!

We wish you beautiful gardens!




Svetlana Chizhova - art-director


Landscape designer from Moscow, Russia


I graduated from Lomonosov Moscow State University in 1998. I defended a dissertation about anthropogenic landscapes in 2001.


I have been working with landscape designs since 1999. I projected and created about 100 gardens with a different area – from 200 square metres to 20 hectares. It was projects not only in Moscow, but also in Chelyabinsk, Nizhny Tagil, Egypt, Germany, and the Crimea. I have my own little garden and I have started a big public garden (5,5 hectares), where various garden styles and hooks would be demonstrated.


I wrote more than 100 articles for magazines, 5 books and issued 6 CD. I give lectures and workshops in Russia and abroad. I have lectured in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Nizhny Novgorod, Tyumen, Minsk, Kiev, and Yalta for this year.

I own a website. I take an active part in popularization of landscape design.



Landscape design in Russia


Russian gardens have its rich history. The original characteristics and the plots of the world landscape architecture combine in this area. There are many interesting examples can be found here: from Russian landowner’s country estates and imperial parks to modern private gardens and social projects.

Nowadays the gardening and the landscape design in Russia are developing very much, captivating and fascinating more and more people. There are various professional units of landscape architects, plant collectors, and amateur gardeners function; there are exhibitions, competitions, and conferences are convened; there are many special websites and forums exist in our country. Many talented landscape architects and designers work in Russia creating public and private gardens.






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14:21 26 Марта 2012
Tess Canfield

Dear Svetlana and friends,


It was a pleasure to meet you at the Landscape show in London.  I'm sorry I could not be with you on your Sunday tour.

I was pleasantly surprised by all your nice gifts. The book is excellent, the tray very pretty, and the sweets are delicious.  Thanks very much for them.


Let me know when you are next in London.

Best wishes,


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